A Whole New Spin | 360° Video | FIAT 500X Crossover


VR has become an extremely valuable piece of technology for the automotive industry and it’s only going to get bigger. In a virtual world, designers and customers are able to see, test and experience any car without even leaving their door. Consumers can now sit on their sofa and have a virtual reality test drive of a Bugatti Veyron whilst eating their breakfast. Although be warned this is not advised!

A study ran by mckinsey.com suggests that by the year of 2020, 5% of all cars will be sold through the internet. Virtual reality will be a huge driver of this shift in buying cars and if the technology continues to grow at such a rapid rate, this number could be significantly higher.

Here at VRReviewz.com we are super excited to see which car companies are the first to jump on to making the most out of VR technology. Let us know what you think about VR test drives and what car you would like to drive with your virtual headsets in the comments