VR Tunnel Race is an adrenaline pumping VR RPG game. Available for iOS and Android it can be used with any mobile headset, see our list of the best mobile VR headsets in 2018 to buy on a budget.

VR Tunnel Race

The mission of the game is to control your spaceship to glide through time and space in a tunnel vision by tilting your VR headset. It is a fantastic virtual reality experience but I did get a little bit sick after playing this VR game for longer periods of time. It can only be described as a rollercoaster ride through a 3D tunnel in space.

As you progress through the levels you will earn points to buy add-ons and different themes. These extras make the game even cooler and provide many futuristic themes, games and obstacles to be unlocked.

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If you love great racing games with adrenaline pounding action, this one is for you. It offers two modes; VR and classic. It’s amazingly, completely free to download, so you can dive right in and begin your tunnel racing