Top 10 iPhone VR Apps 2017 (Mostly Free)

The Top 10 VR Apps for iOS

Best VR Apps for iPhone:

We all know Android is ahead of iOS with the VR battle but that may all change. Apple have kept rather quiet about the future of VR on iPhones. However, iPhone users still have access to a great selection of VR apps available on the App Store. The future also looks bright for the advance of VR technology on iPhones. Apple have recently announced the release of the Apple Maps on iOS 11. The company will soon be releasing some awesome new virtual reality (VR) features, including a mode that takes advantage of Apple’s new ARKit framework to let you move around walking in 3D.

If you’ve got a VR compatible iPhone and a headset your good to go if not check out our top 5 mobile headsets and go grab one. You’ll find a variety of VR apps on the Apple App Store. Plenty of entertainment from VR movies, games, 360 videos and apps.


YouTube is home to millions of videos and furthermore VR videos are more popular than ever. Initially only Android users could take advantage of Cardboard mode (a split-screen view designed for use with Google Cardboard and other VR headsets.) The release of YouTube 11.18 for iOS changed this making Youtube VR available for iOS users. You can watch millions of 360 degree videos, and some of them are incredible.

2Google Street View 

Explore the world with the new Google Street View you’ll notice the Cardboard icon on Street Views. Tap it and you’ll be launched into a split screen view. You can tap the gear icon to scan the code on any compatible Cardboard viewer to configure the views specifically for your headset. You can now go to the places you always dreamed of or check out the planned holiday destination just by wearing a VR Headset.

3Jaunt VR

Jaunt is a must have virtual reality app that mixes short media films and entertaining videos. Enjoy anything from live performances to documentaries in a whole new way. Jaunt is free, and it’s great. This is style of VR is the future… OK, maybe McCartney is not your taste, but as VR technology grows this app can only get better. You can stand on stage next to the piano, you are stood in front of thousands of fans, practically feel in the skin of the lead singer.


4InCell VR 

This app brings a whole new dimension to VR apps… It’s pretty much a racing game where you tilt your head or your device to control the vehicle, earn points and avoid obstacles. However, it’s not your average VR racing game and without a doubt one of the best VR games for iPhone users out there.  While the gameplay is fun, we found it can get a little repetitive. It’s definitely worth a blast if you’re a fan of racing games!

5Within – VR 

Experience some of the best VR news from partners including Apple, The New York Times, Vice or dive into a concert from popular bands like U2 and Muse. This VR app is a must have for anyone looking for fresh, informative and immersive media. Simply download the Within app and insert your phone into the Mobile VR Headset to experience a whole new way of watching the news or your favourite music artist.

6Google Cardboard

A great introduction to some fun VR experiences.  The app takes users through mini adventures that demonstrates the power of virtual reality. This is fantastic starter collection for someone who is new to the VR headset. With Google Cardboard iOS you can go round the museum or on a trip to the Antarctic in an immersive virtual trip. The perfect iphone VR app to share and enjoy with the whole family.

7Discovery VR

Download Discover VR to experience awesome cinematic, educational and mind blowing VR videos.  If you’re looking to experience adrenaline junkie adventures with incredible thrills you need to download this app. Go sky diving, surfing or ride incredible roller-coasters. Or discover your favourite documentaries including Deadliest Catch, Shark Week and MythBusters.

8Maze Walk VR – Virtual Reality iPhone Puzzle App

This is one of the few VR games on the app store that works perfectly! It’s  a fun way to get a little bit of exercise in, since you run in place to control the game. Warning we tried this and we all woke up with very aching necks. If you download this cool VR iPhone app then here’s a tip – Make more of a bounce when your running and you’ll find you don’t pass out from tiredness 4 minutes into it.

9VR Movie

Explore millions of 3D, VR videos from a huge selection of categories with your mobile & virtual reality goggles.Have the feeling of been sat in a cinema from the comfort of your own bedroom. With a cool user interface this app allows you to watch the best VR movies for your VR glasses in just a few click.


This app is all about 360-degree photo spheres,  a VR application that gives people a complete 360 view of of places that you either wouldn’t dream of visiting or you simply can’t afford to go there in person. Orbulus is a user friendly hands-free photo viewer app. To choose a photo sphere from the gallery, you simply focus on it with your headset for a few seconds. Once you’re “inside,” you can zoom in or out by tilting your head right or left. It’s certainly an interesting way to travel the world.

If you think we’ve missed any great VR apps for iPhone, tell us about them in the comments!