Virtual Reality Technology has been in the limelight ever since the start of 2016 and it’s absorbing a lot of love from within the tech industry. Giants like Oculus and HTC Vive were early entrants in the VR industry giving us a glimpse into the immersive-rich experience of virtual reality.

However, Sony, who has been pioneering the gaming industry with its Playstation consoles, ventured into the virtual reality platform in October 2016 by announcing its first PlayStation Virtual Reality headset (PSVR).

Ever since, Sony has a steady stream of gaming titles which deliver immersive VR and a futuristic gaming experience. All this, when backed-up with some stunning specs and affordable pricing (in comparison to peers), has made the PSVR as the most preferred choice within the gaming community.

Here, we will be discussing Top 10 Games for the PlayStation VR for your ultimate gaming moments.


Robinson: The Journey 

This is one of the most celebrated and hyped gaming title within the PSVR community, and it has all reasons to be one! Cytrex, the creator of the game, has developed stunning and absorbing graphics that will instantly transport you to the virtual-jungle-theme the moment you start the game.

You and your companion pet T-Rex will wander through the jungle searching for HIGS units. The environment feels like real-life and you get to interact with pre-historic animals along your exploration journey. This title is really recommended to kick-off your gaming experience with the PSVR.

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Superhot VR

 If you are a fan of first-person-shooting-combat games, Superhot VR is the right choice and unleashes your wildest Matrix fantasies. Attack your enemies from all around by aiming your gun or giving them a power-packed-fist-punch and knocking off their heads. Protect yourself by dodging the incoming bullets from your enemy.

Each stage comprises of enemies coming from all over and are stitched together in sequences. Once you die, you begin again from the start of the sequence. The challenge increases with each passing stage where you can defend yourself either by stealing weapons from bad guys or throwing nearby objects.

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Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission


 This title comes bundled with the purchase of PSVR and can be an absolute delight for the ardent and hardcore fans of the famous Star War series. This first-person game puts you in the driving seat of X-Wing ship.

With all commands and controls in your hand, you can soar through the wonderful spaces of the iconic sci-fi universe. While indulging in some fierce combat with your enemies along the way, you can switch the firing modes of your different weapons. The details are quite fine and mesmerising and will give you an ultimate 15 minutes of uninterrupted VR experience.

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I Expect You To Die

 If you love strategy games and have a passion for decoding criminal cases and problem solving , ‘I Expect You To Die’ is just made for you! Here you will be working as a British secret agent in the 60s’ whose responsibility is to take down the sinister Zoraxis corporation.

In this first-person puzzle game, each level puts you up against a challenge as each plot requires you to perform some specific task like destroy a super-virus or escape an aeroplane. However, it is completely up to you to figure out how to accomplish these tasks by using any clues or resources available to hand.

Don’t expect things to come easy though as the plots involves a lot of manipulations, tricks, traps and enemies waiting to put you down. It demands some serious wit and determination to get through each of the levels.

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Rez Infinite 

Rez Infinite, based on its original gameplay released back in 2001, is all set to dominate the virtual reality medium. This rhythm-based, scoff shooter first-person game comes with some stunning and overwhelming visuals for an ultimate immersion in virtual reality. The game also features some new stages to the original version to explore more fun.

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

 Rare-of-its-kind, this is a multiplayer VR game that tests some of your real skills when it comes to team management, communications and working in cooperation with your peers.

The player wearing the VR headset is transported to a room with a time-ticking bomb. The player’s job is to describe things which he/she sees or observes to other players and take help in defusing the bomb.

The other players have access to a guide of refusal instructions which can be accessed either on TV, smartphone, tablet or even a web browser. All the other player having access to the guide will have to go through the complicated instructions and figure out whether to press a button or cut a wire.

The game offers a range of different sort of bomb modules with different refusal rules and so the same tasks will never be repeated again. The players can customise the difficulty level either by planting bombs or changing the timer. This game will seriously test your nerves and patience.

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 If youre looking for a high-octane ride, Thumper is one such game that won’t let you find solace even for a second. You will be in charge of controlling a small, metallic beetle that roars through some uncontrollable relentless tracks.

You have to be extremely attentive and switch directions while coming across through some very unpredictable hurdles. The overall game surroundings are quite consuming with challenging gameplay mechanics and colourful euphoric visuals. The graphics are extremely sharp and stunning.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

 Love playing horror games with passion and without getting your pants wet? The iconic horror and first-person perspective game Resident Evil 7 is now in action on the PSVR.

Playing as Evan, you go searching for your missing wife who has probably entered a dark and haunted mansion. The plot involves moving through the dark mansion, whilst coming across horrifying and relentless enemies. You are provided with all sorts of weaponry and arsenal like chainsaws, pistols, shotguns, etc. to move through the levels.

The game graphics and visuals are very intimidating and guaranteed to scare the shit out of you.

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The London Heist (PlayStation VR Worlds) 

 This action-packed game offers some promising visuals and graphics for ultimate virtual reality immersion on-the-go.

While sitting on the co-driver seat of a van that is driven by a typical bald East London mafia, you will be chased by some members of the Russian gang in cars and on bikes. Your job is to stop this brigade and protect yourself against all odds.

The good thing is that the game supports PlayStation Move Controllers, which allows you to physically reach out to the gun on the dashboard, perform manual loading actions and much more. This certainly adds up to be one of the top PSVR games to buy.

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Tumble VR

This engaging game will test your ability to think and apply logical skills. Developed by Supermassive games, Tumble VR is fun to play and involves physical dexterity as well in coordination with your mental skills.

Using the PlayStation Move controllers the players are expected to build structures in different shapes. This includes building from simple to even complex structures like bridges. Moreover, these tasks have to be accomplished in the desired frame of time and will keep you on your toes all the time.check price


If you think we’ve missed any of the top games for the PlayStation VR then please drop us a comment below and tell us why you think it deserves to be in our top 10 PSVR games list of 2017.