Skyrim VR Review

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Award-winning developers, Bethesda Game Studios announced earlier in the year during Sony’s E3 2017 showcase that Skyrim VR will feature the entire 2011 game along with all three expansion DLC packs, including Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, this is amazing news for Skyrim fans and it’s bound to be a fun winter if you’re lucky enough to own a PS VR headset. The long wait will soon be over as it is expected to be released on 17 November 2017 – the sixth anniversary of the game’s launch. However the lack of news and trailer videos is bringing doubt that it will be released on said time.

When Skyrim is released it’s going to bring a whole new way of playing the game. Experiencing the different scenery through the lenses of a PS VR headset is guaranteed to blow your mind. However those that have been lucky enough to try out the game already will know that the graphics are a little disappointing and the game does not look as good, either that or I set my expectations too high. Because the game wasn’t built from scratch and made the move to VR from their original designs and assets, a lot of visual quality is lost.

All of that said, the thrill of playing any game in VR is something amazing. Skyrim does deserve credit for been the first open world action role-playing type of VR game of it’s kind. The beautiful forests, and been able to explore every inch of the landscape is an amazing thing to experience on the Playstation VR Headset. In my opinion this game is worth every penny even if you played the last one for hundreds of hours like me. We’ve put together a list of questions you should know the answers to before buying Skyrim VR.

Which platforms will Skyrim VR be released on?

Skyrim VR will only be available for PSVR this month. Bethesda have also confirmed to GameSpot that there will be a HTC Vive version of the game due to be released next year but no date has been announced. There are also rumours that the game will be released for the Oculus Rift but again nothing is confirmed as of yet.

How do you move on Skyrim VR?

You can use either a Dual Shock 4 controller or Move controllers to navigate through the map. Normal walking and running are simulated rather than going with a teleportation method which was demonstrated on a demo.  A member of the Demo team explained that if you choose to use the Move controllers then teleportation, will actually be more of a fast sprint when released. From my experience using the Move controllers for long periods of time playing games can be extremely annoying. It’s the type of thing that’s novelty wears off after playing for 10 minutes. You get to the point where you don’t want to swing your arms anymore and wish you’d stuck with the DS4.

Can you switch between VR and playing it without a headset?

As mentioned above, you can switch between being fully immersed in the game with the move controllers or you can use a normal DS4 controller but you must use the PS VR headset to play the game, there will be no option to play the game without a headset.

Will this be an add on to Skyrim special edition or will we have to purchase the full game?

You will need to purchase it separately as a full game, obviously those of us who’ve already bought the special edition were hoping for it to be an add on but since the next release from Bethesda is still not in sight. We expect they want to squeeze as much money out of this release. It will come with all the DLC packs though which seems pretty reasonable.

Pre-order Skyrim VR

What do you guys think? Excited? I know a bunch of people have tried the demo (which is watered down) and said the game is horrible. Do you think this game will be worth buying? Will you be pre-ordering your copy? Leave us a comment below