Samsung have already announced the Gear VR 2. However the rumour has it that Samsung might release it sooner than you think…

It is confirmed that it will come with a controller device that allows you to virtually pick up objects, swipe your sword or pull your finger to trigger the gun in a virtual reality world. Though one major difference that VR fans are expecting with Samsungs latest VR headset is that you do not need a VR Compatible Phone to use the new headset.

The Gear VR 2 is rumoured to come with an integrated display, meaning that you will only need to buy the Samsung VR headset. In previous versions of the virtual reality headsets you would need to strap your phone in to the visor to provide the media display. Though don’t hold your breath as this is all still to be confirmed by the firm itself.

The rumours also talk of Samsung showing off new display technologies and showcasing 1,200 PPI display with  1,500 PPI VR headsets expected to be released later in 2017. The current headset has under 1,000ppi resolution, The higher the resolution, the less likely you are to get sick whilst using for longer periods of time.

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