Ninja Kid Run VR made by Fun Games For Free is one of the addictive games for VR in 2017. It’s completely free to download and I found it extremely addictive. The game is not new and was first released 4 years ago but the recent release now offers a VR mode. It is available on both iPhone and Android and can be downloaded from the official App stores. This game does offer in-app purchases and pushes them to make the game easier and enhances gameplay, so make sure you have security measures in place if buying for children.
In Ninja Kid Run VR, you are a ninja trying to escape through the city. The VR game lets you jump, duck to avoid obstacles in your way and shoot stars to break objects. You must also run as fast as you can to escape as quick as possible. The game features some very easy swipe controls when playing.
The constant ad pop-ups make it a little bit hard to a navigate around on the screen and ruin it. Even to the point that my screen keeps blacking out due to memory overload and I have to restart. Other than that though overall it’s a fun runner type game with some great boosts and sounds. Overall a great game and very intense to play. If you own a VR headset then it’s worth downloading.