Mantis VR Review


1. Easy to Install
2. Convenience of not fumbling with separate headphones
3. Matches the PSVR in both design and function
4. Lightweight and comfortable


  1. Mantis can’t be used as a standalone or with other devices
  2. Sound lacks bass
  3. Headphones don’t always stay flipped up when needed

One of the biggest problems with the PSVR headset is that it does not offer any sound immersion. The Mantis VR headphones fit to your PlayStation VR headset to provide an integrated sound solution. They clip on to both sides of the device and they look as if they’re part of the headset from day one.  Before the release of the Mantis VR, PlayStation VR users would need to use standard gaming headphones, this obstruction meant you could find them getting in the way whilst fighting off enemies mid game.

Good sound can completely change your virtual reality experience. It’s often underestimated by VR developers, but without the right audio cues to match the visuals, the brain will not fall for the illusion that virtual reality needs. For the complete immersive VR experience, 3D audio that replicates real life surrounding sounds is equally important as great visuals. The Mantis VR headphones bring you just that at an affordable price.

Excellent Sound Quality

Most importantly Mantis delivers fantastic sound quality. I wasn’t convinced when I realised the headphones didn’t fit over the ears as most gaming headphones do. However i’d say they are on par with other more expensive options for immersive audio.  They simply hang over the headset, making it more comfortable when gaming for long periods of time. However this takes away the silencing benefit of over-ear headphones. The headphones do not cancel surrounding noise, so if you live next door to a building site then these might not be the best headphone option. There are many occasions where this is actually handy, for example when playing PlayStation VR with friends. The only problem I found with the sound quality was the Mantis doesn’t have as much bass in comparison to other expensive over-the-ear headphones, but considering the price this is to be expected.

Neat Design and Comfortable

The headset is designed for efficiency and ease of use. It consists of two pieces that attach to either side of the headset. Each piece holds a clip that slots on to the headset and holds it in position. The ear pads flip out slightly to make putting on and taking off the headset easy, and they press gently against your ears when you flip the hinge down. Each of the sides are adjustable so that you can move the headphones to sit where you want them for top sound quality. The neat design makes this easy to do even mid-game.

Mantis VR Review

Adding onto the simplicity of the neat headset, the cord for the headphones are the perfect length to reach the audio input jack on the PS VR. This means it’s hard to get tangled up and i’m sure any gamer will agree, this can be extremely annoying.

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