This free dinosaur VR app available for iPhone and Android is one of the most popular virtual reality apps to be released. If you love dinosaurs, then you’re bound to love this game taking you back in time to learn about the history of dinosaurs. The app includes numerous breed of dinosaurs, with more been added on each update release. From seeing a giant tyrannosaurus to smaller specimens such as the dilophosaurus. This app is a great way to demonstrate the potential VR gaming and apps will have in the future.

The stereoscopic depth is extremely impressive, and gives you the impression that you could reach out and touch the 3D dinosaurs. That’s if you’re not screaming to yourself in the corner of your bedroom. Explore the island’s ancient beaches and dense jungle. Whilst learning about how these amazing creatures , once had to survive in their extreme, natural habitats.VR Dinosaur App Review - Free VR Apps

The movement controls are simple, and easy to navigate. Simply rotate your headset and face the way you want to move and you will automatically begin to walk in that direction. You have complete freedom of 360 degrees view and you’re free to explore the Jurassic Park as you wish but be careful not to stop on any toes.

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This app is certainly one of the coolest VR apps I’ve downloaded. If you’re looking for VR apps for the entire family then this is certainly one to have on your device. It reminds me of the first time I watched Jurassic Park and been on the edge of my seat when the game warden, Muldoon gets killed by velociraptors(Raptors). Prepare yourself for immersive virtual reality dinosaur action available to download on iOS and Android below.