Since the begining of September, French indie-videogame developer Geoffrey Charra (Ideoservo Games) launched a new crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter for a virtual reality flight simulator title for the PlayStation 4 PSVR. The game will be based on the Android and IOS version that he’d developed previously. The campaign is asking for €4800 Euros to pass the funding process and will end by the end of the month.

The game is an arcade-game in which you can fly in a small plane above several landscapes in virtual reality. The PS4 version will include several graphic, level and gameplay enhancements.

Pledgers will receive the PS4 digital version of the game or the Android or iOS version. They will also have the chance to obtain rewards, such as playing with Alpha or Beta versions of the game, being mentioned in the credits (name and photo), selecting the landscape locations of additional levels or having their logo shown when launching the game.

The pledges will be use to help the developer to buy development hardware from Sony and also to pay the licenses required for age rating system registration.
More information can be found directly from the Kickstarter’s website on the VR Flight Simulator – PlayStation 4 PSVR page.

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