The Freefly beyond is a virtual reality headset powered by any VR Compatible Smartphone. If you haven’t heard of Freefly then you clearly haven’t lived… Within seconds of wearing the Freefly beyond, you are transported into a world beyond your wildest imagination. Proteus VR Labs are pioneers of virtual reality and the product is very well made, both in terms of design and build quality.  It’s comfortable, lightweight and doesn’t mist up like some of the cheap VR Headsets out there.

Freefly VR Features:

The Freefly beyond takes VR gaming to the next level. With refined usability,  more interactivity and even more immersive than ever before. The dual Crossfire™ triggers allow for high quality, action packed, 3D gaming experiences. You can play with friends in incredible virtual worlds no matter where you are but do prepare yourself to be surrounded by awe-inspiring 3D visuals thanks to its crystal clear cinematic lenses.

  • Up to 120° FOV – the largest field of view in mobile VR;
  • Compatible with most modern smartphones with easy access to headphone socket due to its fully adjustable design (fits smartphone length 165mm-135mm/6.5″-5.3″);
  • Compatible with the iPhone 7 No external controller required for most games, because of dual Crossfire™ capacitive touch triggers;
  • Loads of apps and games to play and all Google Cardboard games on the Apple App store and Google Play are playable.
  • Comfortable to wear with a lightweight design and perforated breathable faux-leather that moulds to the shape of the user’s face;
  • Custom ventilation system to allow for longer periods of use.

Whats in the Freefly Box?

The Freefly box contains the bargain headset itself, along with a controller which they have called the GLIDE. It’s around the size of a lighter and works for around 40 hours when fully charged. The instructions included are also easy to follow and we all know we only read instruction as the very last resort!

What do you need to get started with Freefly VR Headset?

Simply insert your VR Ready Smartphone in to the adjustable foam clips which push your mobile in to place and stop any movement whilst jolting around. It’s really that easy to get started with the Freefly, unlike some virtual reality headsets which require an expensive PC and long wires to power.

Compatible Devices for Freefly VR

Samsung S4, S5 & Note 4, Google Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z2/Z3, LG G3, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Design / Comfort

The Freefly looks super cool in terms of design and is not as bulky as some other headsets we’ve tested. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and doesn’t give you that red ring around your eyes after long periods of use. This is helped with the faux leather, which sits firmly around the edge that presses on your face. It’s easy to set up and there are no wires involved, simply strap your phone into the strap and adjust as required securely in place (there is a red line as a guide to the best position)

Freefly Review

The GLIDE controller which comes with the headset is surprisingly accurate. It looks sleek in terms of design, it’s easy to handle and functions well. We did notice that you have to hold the GLIDE sideways for some VR apps, it didn’t make much difference and responded well with no noticeable glitches.

The Freefly Beyond VR Review Summary

The Freefly boasts a price much lower than some of the more premium headsets, while retaining their comforts and qualities. Easy to set up, cable free, lightweight design and a fully adjustable head strap. If you’re on the fence of buying your first virtual reality headset or if your not convinced VR is going to be your thing then this is the best cheap VR headset on the market.

The build quality is brilliant, it’s comfy to wear for long periods at a time, I personally ignored the instruction advising to take a break after every 5 minutes of use… that must be for legal reasons and I take no responsibility if you also choose to ignore this 🙂
One thing to note is that if you have bad eyesight, and wear glasses then the Freefly wont be for you. However I use contact lenses and I’ve never come accross any issues and I am absolutely over the moon with this headset considering everything it features.


Conditions of Use

  • The Freefly beyond is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones;
  • The Freefly beyond fits devices from 135 mm x 50 mm up to 165mm x 95mm and no deeper than 10mm;
  • An internal Gyroscope is required.
  • The Freefly beyond is not meant to be used with glasses;
  • Please remove your glasses before use;
  • Lenses are not adjustable;
  • You can adjust the position of the 4 foam blocks which hold your smartphone to avoid blocking a headphone or USB port;
  • We recommend taking a break every 10 minutes and to remain seated;
  • Stop if you feel sick and mind your head and your surroundings;
  • We do recommend the use of the Freefly beyond below the age of 14 without adult supervision.