If you’re lucky enough to own a PlayStation VR Headset and a PS4 but you are having issues with blurry image resolution then look no further… We have put together a list of steps to fix PS VR blurry picture quality. It’s often difficult to diagnose the exact problem just from experiencing blurry images but here are some simple fixes to try with your PlayStation VR Headset.

Adjust Playstation Headset

These are the steps to adjust:

  • Hold down the PS button
  • Open the Quick Menu
  • Select > Adjust PlayStation VR
  • Select > Adjust Headset Position
  • Adjust the Headset to a Position where the image is clear

Check for loose cables and connections

  • Ensure all cables are plugged in correctly
  • Use Cables that were provided with PSVR Headset
  • Try Removing the Playstation headset extension cable from the Proccessor Unit and then plug the headset straight in to the Processor Unit Directly.

Calibrate the eye-to-eye distance on your PlayStation Headset

  • Select > Settings
  • Select > Devices
  • Select > PlayStation VR
  • Finally Select > Eye-to-eye Distance
  • You can adjust this until you find the ‘sweet spot’ for your PlayStation VR Headset.

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