Zen Studios creators of the infamous CastleStorm game, have recently released CastleStorm VR on PSVR. The game was originally released around 4 years ago, for consoles such as Wii U, PS3 and Xbox but as everyone knows companies need to move with the times. That’s exactly what they did and by the looks of it they’ve still not stopped. In 2016 CastleStorm VR was released for Oculus and now PSVR..

castlestorm VR Review Those who’ve never had the chance to play the game on older consoles, CastleStorm VR is best described as a mixture of tower defence and real-time strategy. You send troops to battle across a scrolling battlefield. You must defend yourself from the enemy by shooting various projectiles from your castle base. As you progress with the game and level up, you’ll unlock new perks and there is lots of cool surprises along the way. This makes it super addictive and we just can’t get enough of it!

Although the game is fun to play, our review on CastleStorm is not exactly spectacular in terms of VR. Our main criticism we have is the quality of the cut scenes. The cut scenes have been used from the original game and they’ve not been rendered in the specialised 3D way required for the full immersive virtual reality experience. We also found it hard to move your head and see the action on the limited view it gives you and most things you see cannot be interacted with. You can experience the virtual map with 3D elements. Though it still doesn’t feel fantastic and it’s certainly not the best use of VR technology that we’ve seen.

CastleStorm PSVR ReviewIt’s not all bad news and there are many improvements been made to the game, which can’t be overlooked. The PSVR game allows you to build your own castle in a whole new way. The only thing that must remain in the same place is your ballista, but everything else is up to you. The game offers a host of new abilities, troops, and weapons which you unlock as you progress through the game. Some missions come with a bit of a twist to keep the excitement flowing,  forcing you to find alternate strategies and change tactics to complete the level. You feel as if you are in a battlefield wearing a medieval helmet and able to look around from side to side as if you were there. VR doesn’t really add any functionality to the game as such, but it certainly adds a deeper look and feel to it that isn’t there in the original game. Check the price on Amazon here

You can watch the CastleStorm PS VR Trailer Here


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