Apple demonstrated their latest technology at the recent Keynote event, the first-ever one to take place at the new Steve Jobs theatre. They announced their brand new handsets;  iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the brand new iPhone X. Although the price seems expensive for some, the company demonstrated a handful of exciting AR (augmented reality) demos to show the success of its new ARKit been released. We’re looking forward to getting ours which we usually pre-order through Amazon.

In addition to this Apple’s iOS 11 is coming to compatible devices starting from September 19th, which means that even if you don’t own the newly released iPhone. A recent Apple iPhone or iPad, will enable you to download the latest operating system and give you an AR compatible device in your hands from today.. yes, even before the new iPhone line even comes to the market.

Apple Arkit Demo Overview and iOS 11

Apple’s new platform allows developers to bring high-quality ARexperiences to iPhone and iPad using the built-in camera, powerful processors and motion sensors in the latest iOS devices. The ARKit opens up huge possibilities for app developers and some big names have already displayed their intentions.

Footage was shown from the popular Pokemon Go App running on iOS 11, with the latest ARKit technology in full swing. The Pokemon appear to actually be standing on a surface, which adds a more realistic experience of catching Pokemon… Just as we thought the app was dying this could be the start all over again!

The big furniture company ‘IKEA’ also announced their latest app advancements. They demonstrated using the camera on an iPhone running iOS 11, to superimpose furniture in rooms around their house. This allows users to have a clear view of how furniture such as desks, sofa’s and cupboard’s will look in their rooms before committing to buying it. You can see exact fittings from all angles and know that it will or won’t fit straight from your iPhone.

ikea app ios 11

The Pokemon Go and IKEA app is just some of the first in the queue and you can expect more developers jumping on the AR apps. Plenty of cool AR Apps for iOS 11 and the latest apple phones throughout 2017/2018.

Although the company demonstrated a variety of AR apps, they did not give much away on VR. For years, there has been talk of Apple developing their own VR headset. To back this up there has been a range of VR-related hires, patents and other signs that point towards it happening. However they could also be working on an AR headset.

Whats the difference between AR and VR? it’s fairly simple; Augmented reality is technology that uses a phone or tablet’s camera and specific software to put virtual images on top of real-life images. Virtual reality requires a headset which tracks your head movement with sensors, and the 3D images displayed inside the headset move as if in a real world.

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