Google has recently opened gates to independent developers to create games and apps for the Daydream VR Headset this has given it an advantage to be the best app platform on the market specifically for virtual reality. Google built a comfortable, easy-to-use virtual reality headset and a smart remote that creates a great VR experience for exploring new worlds, gaming, and watching 360-degree videos at an affordable price. Read our full review on the Google Daydream headset

11 LEGO® BrickHeadz Builder VR – Download Here

Design your own LEGO Brickheadz characters and bring them to life with the Brickheadz VR Builder. It’s fun, and it’s free, so you should probably check it out. In the game, you basically sit at a desk and play with Legos, and the characters are brought to life. No real mission but definitely worth a go if you’re setup with your VR kit.

10 Fantastic Beasts – Download Here

It feels like they spent a lot more time on the visuals than the controls and content. The wand motions are buggy and difficult to get to grips with. Secondly the whole app is so short that your left with a feeling of incompleteness . It needs some more work, but at least its a free VR app.

9VR Roller Coaster- Download Here

Do you know that feeling you get in your stomach when on a rollercoaster? Well now you can experience the sensation of a roller coaster from your living room, with your mobile virtual reality headset. This is definitely worth checking out on the Google play store.

8Wall Street Journal – Download Here

The Wall Street Journal VR App combines breaking news, a real-time interactive market data visualization, and 360 interactive videos in an immersive virtual reality experience. This incredibly smart use of VR, and I echo the comment about the stock market visualization being incredible!

7StarTracker VR -Mobile Sky Map – Download Here

If you’re someone like me who just loves admiring the stars and always wanted to learn the constellations, but never actually got round to it. Then download this app I’ve been able to memorise the constellation names and now I can finally

6Danger Goat – Download Here

I know what your thinking… ‘Danger Goat’, screw downloading that crap. Well do not be fooled if your looking for a VR game to challenge your brain then that’s why this game gets it’s place in the Best Android VR Apps and Games. In the game you have to manipulate different objects and the mission is the free the goat. There are tons of surprises and unexpected events that made VR this game really fun to play.

5Youtube VR – Download Here

As you’d expect the Youtube VR app does what YouTube does best. Browse through YouTube’s rapidly growing 360-degree videos in one easy to navigate place. You can not only watch 360 Videos you can view every video on YouTube in a specifically designed theatre mode setting.

4PolyRunner VR – Download Here

With one objective been staying alive, this game is terribly addictive. Avoid obstacles while collecting power-ups which can gain you extra points or change your speed. You can choose between playing with the contoller or just by moving your head. We find using just the Daydream headset for this is more immersive but be warned don’t play straight after eating your dinner.

3The Arcslinger – Download Here

This might be a little bit biased because I do love a good first-person shooter and I was a little bit sceptical about buying this game considering it is over £5, but I finally caved and purchased the new VR game. The game does need one or two minor updates like a save option but other than that it’s an awesome FPS VR game. Though you don’t actually move around in the game, it’s the first game which put my Google Daydream’s controller to a real test and again I was very impressed with the tracking and accuracy.

2Jaunt VR – Download Here

One of the leading VR developers ‘Jaunt’ have launched their growing cinematic VR experience app. things that you could only dream of. Would you like to experience the feeling of been ringside in the next big football game or watch britains got talent with VIP backstage seating. This top virtual reality app gives you a sense of ‘presence’ in places, events and adventures you may never be able to experience in real life.

1NextVR – Download Here

NextVR is the number #1 virtual reality app for live events. This app is definitely one to watch and we can only see this getting bigger and better. Eventually becoming the centre for live VR media. You can currently listen to music, watch NFL & NBA, which by the way is amazing and it just clarifies to me the enormous potential of VR technology in Sport.



We hope you found a VR app to download in the list of top Google Daydream Apps and Games . We will be showcasing the best VR games coming out in 2017 and beyond so don’t forget to bookmark us. Leave a comment if you think we’ve missed an app or game that deserves to be on the list of best apps and games for Android VR.